Sanitary measures


Sanitary measures COVID-19

Dear visitors, dear exhibitors,

The Sett commits to your safety !

The Sett will, of course, make every effort to ensure the best possible sanitary conditions by scrupulously applying the state’s recommended measures.

  • Mandatory mask for all/ provision of hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance and exit of each hall
  • Flow management and regulation to comply with the maximum gauges in the halls, conference and catering spaces.
  • At the Entrance (Social distancing, favor pre-registered badges)
  • Respect of barrier measures and physical distance (specific signs on the ground, waiting lines)
  • Systematic and regular disinfection of spaces (toilets, doors, airlock entrances, etc.) and crossing point.
  • Adapted fast restauration and catering spaces,

We will make of this “special” edition a rediscovered moment of conviviality.
Looking forward to meeting you.