Discover our eco-friendly
initiatives on the fair


  • Highlight exhibitors which adopt an eco-friendly behavior.
    Creation of EcoSett logo to identify engaged exhibitors
  • Print official guides on recycled paper
  • Spread over the Parc Expos center several trash points to optimize waste recycling.
  • Use of LED spot track on equipped booth to favor a low electrical consumption : a green lighting solution


Cabiron and Hussers caterers, which are a “must have” on the Sett for our visitors and exhibitors comfort. Their values are based on environmental respect and resources optimization.

Cabiron Traiteur is a part of the network « Traiteurs de France » and follows the ISO 20121 law, an events CSR norm (Corporate Social Responsibility) to improve the managing of social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Cabiron will take care of:

Cabiron Traiteur Traiteur de France
  • Offering mostly local, organic and fair trade products.
  • Using individual recyclable kraft or corn starch packages.
  • Giving local associations unsold products while respecting the cold chain. (Food Bank and humanitarian association of Montpellier)

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The Sett fair trade is a success every year thanks to all of the collaborators we are working with, from the booth building up to the furniture rental or visual creation and printing. They all stand at an important place for the fair trade to succeed.

Lign’Expo in charge of furnishing exhibitors’ booth, will take care of:

  • Reusing furniture
  • Optimizing the routing effect of furniture by transforming the toxics into water steam with the ADBlue system.
  • Using biodegradable cleaning products and favor steam cleaning to reduce the use of solvents.

AbyPrint, responsible of guiding visitors during the fair by creating and installing the signage, will take care of:

ABY Print
  • Printing some of their artwork on 100% recyclable material such as the JET UP which is created with an eco-conception approach.
  • Using new generation ink composed of water and vegetal latex without solvent.
  • Recycling the SuperFlow of materials (such as PVC) in partnership with ELISE label.
  • Giving a second life to used fabrics thanks to its collaboration with the exhibition center and La Ressourcerie 34.

Editam, which produce the fair’s visuals and print the guide, will take care of:

  • Reducing its impact on the environment by being certified with the imprim’vert label
  • Using vegetable ink or water-composed ink.
  • Printing our guide on recyclable paper